Dear Goodreads


I'm the author. I swear I'm the author. I take full responsibility for writing this book and for being the person I say I am. Really, there's only a handful of other Craig Maloneys out there and I think I'm the only one that has written a book about programming. The other ones are either busy being mayor, busy being a famous X-factor star, or busy being a civil engineer. Not to mention the one that's incarcerated. When it comes to being the author of this book I'm your Craig.

My email is, but you can also use to get a hold of me.

I don't have an agent. The book was self-published.

The site the book was published on is I haven't listed it on or Smashwords or anywhere else yet because, well, frankly, because it's a little intimidating. Fortunately folks seem to find it all the same. If you'd like to read my announcement of the book you'll find that here:

My social media is on Mastodon. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter. Frankly you might find it more enjoyable than Facebook or Twitter. is where I toot. Yes, they're called toots.

This is the toot where I asked folks to change the author over from David Revoy (the exceptionally talented cover artist and author of Pepper&Carrot)

(His comic is at and I highly recommend you check it out).

Again, this is me. I made mention of The Mediocre Programmer on my About page ( and have done several presentations about it ( I'm not sure how much more "me" I can make this.

There's even a section in the back of the book that has a short biography of my programming work. Trust me, not too many folks would claim such a career, let alone live it.

Hoping that you'll agree that I'm the Craig that wrote this book. Thank you.